...and you could be going along for the ride.


Do you ever watch the NHL on TV and think: "Hey, I could totally make that play."?


Well, that's more than likely not true. However, this March, 36 ASHL players from the Vancouver area will at least be able to say they have played where the pros play. And you know what? That's pretty darn awesome.


| So what is this contest all about? |


- On March 12th, 36 ASHL players will be treated to a pro experience at Rogers Arena TM 

- There are four (4) winners from each of the following ASHL locations: Burnaby, Langley, North Vancouver. Better yet, each winner will get to bring two (2) of their teammates along for the experience!

- Winners will be decked out in full gear and play in an ASHL game on the same ice surface your favourite NHL team plays on

- Oh, each attendee will also get one (1) ticket to attend the Canucks and Bruins game on March 13th


| And how do I get in on this? |


- From January 30th - February 27th, each Puck Buck you earn at the Thirsty Penguin Grillhouse will give you one (1) entry into the contest.

- On February 27th, the Grand Prize draw takes place to determine the four (4) winners at each of the three participating locations!


For full contest rules, click here.


*No Purchase Necessary

** Must be 19-years or older to participate