Registering as a Free Agent?

Looking to register as an individual player? Do you have a couple of friends looking to play but don't have enough player to form a team? The Free Agent registration might be right for you!
Each season our ASHL League Managers put together several 'individual teams' which are formed using players who register as individuals or have a few friends but not enough to fill out an entire team.
If your skill level doesn't align with one of the individual teams, the League Manager may also be able to help you find an existing team that's looking for players but you can also try the ASHN Hockey Finder as well!
Registration Process: To inquire about individual registration opportunities, please refer to the table below for League Manager contact information.
Some helpful information to have on-hand when you reach out to the League Manager includes:
  • Have you played in the ASHL before?
  • What's the highest level of hockey you've played? How many years have you been playing for?
  • Are you looking to play in Men's, Women's, CoEd, or 30+/40+ divisions?

ASHL League Managers


Facility Name E-Mail Phone
Armstrong Marcello Toniato  250-546-9456
Brossard  Reo Lizee 450-462-2113
Burnaby Dave Rainville  604-291-0626
Etobicoke  Dany Revelle  416-247-5742 x229
Langley  Jeff Bandura  604-532-8946
Fort Wayne  Jeff Platzer  260-387-6614
North Vancouver  Stan Quon  604-924-0828
Oakville  Rick Jones  905-845-6989 x229
Oshawa  Angie McMann  905-725-6951 x229
Romeoville  Tom Hawkins  815-886-4423
Saskatoon  Jason Lewans  306-955-3606
Scarborough  Jim Taylor  416-412-0404 x229
Winnipeg Darryl Fedyck  204-784-8888
York Adam Mahoney  416-661-5900 x229