Registering as a member of the Adult Safe Hockey League automatically enrolls you in a specialized Insurance Policy, providing the most comprehensive sport accident coverage in adult recreational hockey. 
Submitting a claim?
  • Obtain a Hockey Canada Insurance Claim Form from the ASHL Website or from your League Manager
  • Completely fill out both sides of your injury claim form and ensure the League Manager signs off on your form within 90 days of the Injury.
  • Include all original copies of receipts pertaining or relevant to your claim. If you are submitting a claim that includes Loss of Benefits, please also include a: T4 Slip, Letter from your Employer, and Employee Cheque Stub
  • Mail your completed Injury Claim to the Address Listed at the Bottom of Page 1 on the Hockey Canada Injury Claim Form

**Please be advised that Claims take upwards of 6-8 weeks to process


Click on the link below to download a .PDF version of the claim form:


Click on the link below to download a .PDF version of the ASHL Coverage Summary:



* The loss of income waiting period will be 30 days for any claim submitted prior to September 1st, 2014.

ASHL League members with additional questions about the coverages or the claims process are encouraged to contact their League Manager or Hockey Canada Branch Manager.