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BURNABY, B.C. -- Canlan Ice Sports is pleased to announce that Player's Bench has received a 2015 Technology Impact Award (TIA) in the category of Adoption of Technology from the BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA).


Working in conjunction with Traction on Demand, Player's Bench is a user-friendly tool designed to enhance player's experiences within the ASHL and provide efficient team management solutions for teams playing in the league. With over 63,000 players in Canada and the United States, the ASHL is the largest rec hockey league in the world with Player's Bench serving as a centralized portal for players to have access to everything they need as participants in the league.


In addition to browser use, Player's Bench is fully compatible with mobile devices and tablets to provide players with secure access to their accounts even when they're on the go. ASHL Director Hailey Clark was excited about the award but added that the success could not have come without the help of all of the parties involved.

"From Traction right on down, this has been a long-term project and it's nice to see everything come to fruition," Clark said. "It's also very important for us to recognize our players who have done a great job of adopting Player's Bench and taking advantage of everything the system has to offer. We really wanted to create an enhanced and more efficient online experience for our players and we've been very satisfied with the feedback we've received thus far."  


The 2015 edition of the Technology Impact Awards was held on June 5th in Vancouver with over 1,000 people from BC's technology and business community in attendance. Originally founded in 1994 by the BCTIA, the TIA's are the largest and longest running technology awards in the province and bring together many of the top organizations and industry leaders to celebrate stories of success and innovation.