This summer our facilities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Brossard (Quebec) want to put some money back into your pocket for referring teams to come play in the world's largest rec hockey league, the ASHL! 


  • GTA: $250.00 to the existing ASHL team; $250.00 to the new team being referred
  • Brossard: $200.00 to the existing ASHL team; $200.00 to the new team being referred


Now that you know what's in it for you, you're probably wondering how it works.


Teams must have played the Spring/Summer 2015 or Fall/Winter 2015-16 season in an adult rec league. The team must also have at least 50% of their roster coming from their previous team to be eligible for the promotion.


When it all checks out, we'll be chequing your team out with $250.00*** off your league fees as soon as your remaining balance reaches that mark. The same will apply for the referral team who will receive $250.00*** off their ending balance once it has been paid down to that amount.


* A team that played in the ASHL in Spring/Summer 2015 and a different league in Fall/Winter 2015-16 will not be eligible. The facility management reserves the right to confirm that teams being submitted for the referral program are in compliance with the terms and conditions outlined. 

** Payment will not credited to the team's accounts until their ending balance reaches $250.00  

*** $200.00 for Brossard teams