The Adult Safe Hockey League (ASHL) is a professionally managed recreational hockey league that is owned and operated by Canlan Ice Sports (TSX: ICE), the largest private sector owner and operator of recreational facilities with 20 facilities currently in the company's portfolio. In its current form, the ASHL was established in 1997 and continues to be the leader in North American rec hockey after 16 years of operation.
As of 2013, the ASHL currently runs 15 leagues across Canada and the United States with a total member base that exceeds 50,000 players on an annual basis. The league offers a unique blend of safe hockey, competitive spirit, and an extensive range of divisions that allow players at any age and skill level to find their home within the ASHL.



Playing in the world's largest hockey league has its perks! The ASHL prides itself on providing lasting experiences for all of our players and we leverage all of our partnerships to make that happen.

• Custom ASHL Online Registration & Secure Online Payment Options through PayPal

• Real-Time updated Game Statistics, Standings, and more on www.adultrechockey.ca

• All games feature On-Site Staff, use of Hockey Canada registered on-ice officials, and play governed by the Adult Safe Hockey Network (ASHN) Rule Book

• The ASHL and ASHN are the exclusive partners of Hockey Canada in Adult Recreational Hockey. Players receive industry-leading Sport Accident Insurance through Hockey Canada, as well as membership with Club Hockey Canada (www.clubhockeycanada.ca





Take your season to the next level with the ASHL's extended playoff experience. In a league that spans 5 provinces and 2 states, the ASHL's large basin of teams across all divisions provides a playoff ladder unlike any other. And the best part? It's all free hockey. That's right, there are no additional fees in the playoffs, if you keep winning, you'll keep playing.

Divisional Playoffs

Throughout the course of your season, your team will primarily play the balance of your schedule against teams within your division. At the conclusion of the regular season all of the teams in the division qualify for the playoff portion of the schedule. Win your division and you'll be moving up the ladder to the Facility Championships. 


Facility Championships

The ASHL's Facility Championships pit division winners at the same calibre against each other with teams vying for the right to represent their facility as the ASHL's Regional Championships. Most facilities will have several divisions of the same calibre of play, making the Facility Championships a "best of the best" at each skill level.


ASHL Regional Championships

The Regional Championships are the culminating point of each Fall/Winter season with Facility Champions competing for the title of ASHL Regional Champs. Due to the expansive geographic footprint of the league, the ASHL hosts 4 Regional Championships to provide the best possible travel:

• Eastern Regional (Brossard, Etobicoke, Oakville, Oshawa, Scarborough, York)

• Central Regional (Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg)

• Pacific Regional (Armstrong, Burnaby, Langley, Richmond, North Shore)

• US Regional (Fort Wayne, Romeoville)


ASHN North American Championships

Every 2 years the best ASHL teams have an opportunity to qualify and play for the ASHN North American Championships (NAC's), the most prestigious tournament in Adult Rec Hockey. Unlike other large tournaments, the NAC's require teams to go through a lengthy qualification process for an opportunity to reach the pinnacle of Rec Hockey in North America.


Age Divisions 

The ASHL restricts participation to Players aged 18 and older in Men’s, Women’s and CoEd divisions (note Players under the age of 19 are restricted in provinces and states where the age of majority is 19). The ASHL also offers age-restrictive divisions in the 30+, 40+, and 50+ categories.

Skill Levels 

To ensure divisional parity, the ASHL rates every Player—from pros to first-timers and everyone in between—into five basic skill levels:
A -- Pro, Semi-Pro or Minor Pro (NHL, AHL, Europe, ECHL, UHL, CHL, WPHL, etc), NCAA Division I, Major Junior (QMJHL, OHL, WHL, USHL); Women's (or Girls) AAA, AA
-- University (NCAA Division II or III, CIAU) or Senior Hockey, Junior A, Quebec Junior AAA; Women's (or Girls) A, BB or B
C -- Canadian College (OCAA, MCAC, ACAC, etc), Junior B or C, Quebec Junior AA or A, High School, Rep AAA, AA or A; Women's (or Girls) C
D -- Select League, House League
E -- No experience with an organized League, started playing hockey as an adult